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I’m Julie, the owner of JC Styling, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned over the years about hair, beauty, and self-esteem. On this site, you’ll find tips on hairstyles and various beauty treatments. This isn’t a sales-pitchy space so don’t fret: I just want to talk to you about beauty. And talk I will—in fact, I’ll be posting video blogs on here to share what I know.

So sit back, relax, and be prepared to be pampered. Don’t we all deserve to be pampered?


We are so happy with the new shipment of Matrix products we just got in.

Check out the new “Raw” line of shampoos and conditioners (Priced at $25 and under):

Matrix RAW products

You’ll find something for all different hair types (dull, flat, tired). This line of shampoo and conditioners are made with natural ingredients like quinoa, honey, and goji berries. The packaging is great, and the products smell like you can eat them:

Matrix Uplift shampo for flat fine hair

Matrix Recover Shampoo

Matrix RAW shampoo and conditioner for dry dull hair

We’re also carrying some fabulous new Matrix Blow Out and Air Dry products all priced between $16-20:

Matrix new products 1

Protect your hair and your style with these Blow Out products:

Matrix Blowout BIG Queen

Blowout Skinny Queen

Blowout Curvy Queen

Prefer to let your hair air dry? We’ve got you covered:

Matrix Boho 2

Stop by the shop on Brackley Point Road and we’ll help you decide which products would work best for your hair.




We are SO excited to announce that we’re now offering threading at the salon.

Here are some quick FAQs for you about threading.

How long does it take to do threading?

Does threading hurt?
It’s is less painful then waxing.

What are the benefits of threading

  • We can get the perfect shape and arch
  • We can get the finer hairs that are hard to pick up with wax
  • Threading is much easier on the skin
  • More gentle on sensitive skin
  • When you use wax it’s easy to take too much hair
  • Threading results last longer than waxing
  • No harm to skin so makeup goes on smooth
  • Threading can prevent wrinkles
  • Threading is suitable for all hair types
  • Threading can be done all over the face
  • Better overall results thank waxing

We’re able to offer threading because we have an expert in threading at the shop at scheduled times through the week to perform the service.

Ruchika learned threading in India and got additional training in Toronto.

She has been threading for two years and is also trained in waxing.

Call today (902-368-7402) to book your appointment with Ruchika!


Credit: Fashionisers.com

Ladies! In case you haven’t noticed, all eyes these days are on the brow.

For many years, we have ignored our eyebrows when applying makeup, but not anymore! The well-defined brow is the new smoky eye.

Remember those overly waxed and uber-plucked brows of the late 90s? You’re probably noticed that those are gone. The more natural the brow, the better. The thicker, the better.

We have a great brow product in the shop called Dipbrow Pomade, by Anastasia Beverly Hills. How you use it: Apply some on the brow so that those hairs that are at the beginning of your brow can be brushed up so they stick out, making your brows look totally not penciled on.

brow pomade

There’s no doubt that the thick brow look gives a more youthful look to the face, but that being said, we ladies do have our dignity!

You need to have the perfect arch to support that full, natural brow. That’s where we can help you to get the shape down with strategic waxing and plucking.

And if your brows aren’t as full as you’d like after many years of over-plucking, we have products that can help give you a fuller, trendier look.

Take back the brow, ladies, take back the brow.

Pinks. Purples. Blues. Greens. Bright reds. Rainbow and bright colours are the hottest hair trend right now.

hair colour PEI

If you’re thinking of hopping on the colourful hair bandwagon, first of all, we welcome you! You’ll like it here. But be warned! You need a plan of action in order to get the best possible results from your efforts.

Note: depending on whether your hair is fine or coarse, you will get different results. Coarse hair tends to be more resistant to pre-lightening, but once the colour is in there, it stays. Fine hair, on the other hand, tends to require more upkeep to have colour stay in. You’ll likely have to reapply every couple of weeks.

Now, let’s give you the lowdown on what steps you should take in order to get some great colours in your hairs.

First step: Pre-lighten. No matter what colour hair you have and what colour you want to add to it, you need to pre-lighten your hair first. It’s the only way the dye will stay in. Your stylist will likely recommend this and take care of this for you—he or she will know what strands to pre-lighten. The only way you can have colour that will last without having pre-lightened it, is by going for tape-in extensions. These are super popular right now, and we carry them at the salon.

Step two: Apply colour. The stylist will do this for you. Your fashion colours won’t last as long as your less bright hues though. So you’ll have to come back in a few weeks for more dye! Or, you can buy some colour from your hair dresser and take it home for touch ups. All you have to do is put on some gloves and place the pigment on the sections of hair that have been pre-lightened. If you don’t follow up and apply more dye, whatever colour you put on there will just fade to the light blonde of the pre-lightened hair. Still a pretty result!

Step three: At home, you have to use good shampoos in order to maintain that colour, and never wash with hot water. We like Magnex from Redken, but any sulfate-free shampoo will work. Verb makes a good one. Oh, and speaking of shampoo, don’t wash your hair every day.

All you need is a plan, so let’s chat about what that might look like for you! Give us a call and we’ll make your hair a thing to behold.

selfie tips

Our very own Susan. Queen of the Selfie.

Everyone and their dog (literally) is taking selfies these days, but are you taking good selfies or bad selfies? That is the question.

You might as well put your best face forward when you’re putting it out there for the world to see!

Here are some tips that you can use to improve your selfies so that your dog’s selfies are not better than yours.

1.    Make sure your hair and eyebrows are styled to suit your face. If you’re not sure, ask your stylist or esthetician.

2.    Play with the lighting. Do you look best with light in front of you or behind you? No right or wrong answer. Just figure out which type of light suits you best, and try to take your selfies that way for results you’ll be happy with.

3.    Experiment with angles. Hold the camera up slightly above your face, slanted down to reduce the chance of you being photographed with more chins than you have. This will also help emphasize your natural face shape. Bonus tip: angle your head for an even more flattering selfie.

4.    Full length selfie. You would think a full selfie taken from above would be good, but it that’s not necessarily the case. Lower the camera angle to look taller and thinner. Sweet!

5.    Have fun with the background. Don’t just take selfies in the bathroom when the toilet is open behind you. (Eew.)

6.    Focus on your face. Take your hand and angle it up bringing the attention toward your face. Make peace signs, blow kisses, give the finger, whatever look you’re going for.

7.    Practice. Practice makes perfect. This does not mean you should post every practice selfie that you take. Please don’t do that. But do play. Try pouting, smiling, or make funny faces. That’s what the selfie is for! Let your personality show. Take a few. Delete those you don’t like.

Next time you’re at the salon, ask us about some easy hair styles to try on yourself, to keep your selfies looking great.

Now go ahead and play with your selfie! 😉

There’s really nothing better than a well-groomed man. Well, depending on who you ask, I guess.

Right now, anything goes with regards to men’s cuts as long as it’s clean and well-maintained. Whether it’s a man bun or a long flo, it has to be well-kept, guys.

Watching the Jays games this month showed the world a lot about men’s hair trends.

Donaldson sports a man bun turned side mowhawk and he wears it very well. Noah Seth Syndergaard wears his hair in a flo.

Noah Seth Syndergaard

Noah Seth Syndergaard

Then if you look at Bautista’s hair, he has a great well-kept fade. (A fade in the style that starts super short at the base and gradually fades longer as it goes towards the top of the head.)

Jose Bautista hair

Jose Bautista

Note: A hot man bun requires a tight pony and shaving along the side with hair only in the mowhawk area.

Hockey season is upon us, and having a bit of hair coming out from under the helmet is great. As long as it’s not a mullet. Mullets are out. Flos are in. (A flo is long all around, where a mullet is business in the front and a party in the back.)

Remember hockey payers, since you have to wear a helmet, you don’t want the hair overly thick. And you don’t want it in your eyes.

Not into the flo? Take a look at Carey Price, Jonathan Toews, and Sydney Crosby. They make the traditional short hair cut look hot.

Carey Price

Carey Price

Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews

Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby

Man braids might be around the corner, but for now, it’s about the fade, the man bun, the flo, and the traditional cut.

Now, guys, no matter how you want to wear your hair, you need to learn how to shampoo your head and to use conditioner to maintain your locks.

Stop in to the shop and we’ll tell you what products you should be using.

I want a big change but I want to stay red.

We here at JC Styling love to help our clients look and feel beautiful. But sometimes (all the time) we get requests that just make us die inside a little bit.

If you’re guilty of sitting in a stylist’s chair and saying one of these following phrases (you all probably are), don’t worry. We still love you. (Sorry not sorry.)

But think about it a little bit. When you go to the mechanic, you let the professional diagnose the problem and present you with the best solution, right? Just saying.

I want layers, but just two. Or maybe one.

I want a big change but I want to stay red. And don’t take off more than an inch. But I want a totally different look.

I want a lot cut off but I still want to be able to wear a ponytail.

I want all the split ends cut off but I don’t want to lose any length.

I want an upside down bob.

I accidentally cut my bangs.

Can I be blond? (Asks the brunette.) I really want to be blond, but not as blond as you.

Next time you go to the garage, try this with the mechanic:

My car is acting funny, but don’t check the brakes. Or the transmission. And I’d prefer if you kept the engine bonnet closed…

As we get older, our skin loses its elasticity, and that youthful glow gradually fades. But, if we put some effort into it, we can keep our skin looking bright and youthful well into our 50s and 60s. The younger our skin looks, the younger we look!

Because we love you and want you to feel great about yourself, we want to share some of our best tips for keeping your skin looking great. (You’re welcome.)

1. Add an eye cream to your daily regimen. If you can find moisturizing makeup…bonus.
2. Get 6–8 hours of sleep every night. (And the closer to 8 hours, the better.)
3. Use a good daily moisturizer. And the trick to moisturizer is to actually put it on your face everyday (not just buy it and leave it on your nightstand!).
4. Wash your face twice a day. Everyday.
5. Protect your skin with an antioxidant serum.
6. Wash your make up brushes weekly with mild soap and warm water. What? You didn’t know you’re supposed to wash them?
7. Stop smoking.
8. Get regular facial treatments. (We provide those.)
9. Eat your fruits and vegetables. The more greens, the better!
10. Wear sunglasses to stop squinting which causes premature wrinkles.
11. Avoid direct sun between 10am and 4pm. Wear sunscreen if you have to be out.
12. Drink eight 8oz glasses of water everyday. Every single day.
13. Use the right products for your skin type.
14. Stop touching your a face. Germs are everywhere. Yuck.
15. Last but not least: See an aesthetician regularly, as your skin changes with the seasons and the years. (We have one of those.)

You can get your skincare needs met at the salon! We can hook you up with moisturizers, serums, and more.

curly locks

Not feeling satisfied with your limp or overly loose curls? If you long for perfectly curled tresses, we have some great advice for you.

Of course we would love if you came into the shop to let our curl queen Sam do your do for you, but if that’s not in the cards today, here are some fabulous tips.

9 Tips for Curling your Hair

1. Make sure your hair cut is well-suited for curls. If you have bluntly cut ends, you won’t have great results with curling. But if your hair is layered, that’s going to increase curl. Next time you’re getting a cut, tell your stylist that you want to wear your hair in curls more often.

2. Buy a good curling iron. The cheapie at the drugstore aren’t going to perform as well as a salon-quality model. Investing in a good curling iron will ensure nice even curls. We carry curling irons, but call before you come in just to make sure we have what you need in stock (and don’t worry, we can order what you need if we don’t carry it).

3. Unwashed hair holds curl better. If you plan on curling your hair, skip the conditioner to make curls last longer.

4. Buy a dry shampoo like Verb or Bedhead Dirty Secrets. This will help add volume and get rid of excess oils so you can curl that dirty hair without anyone knowing it’s…well…dirty.

5. Get some texture into your hair with a mousse with some movement like Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse.

6. Redken Hot Sets is a heat protecting spray that does wonderful things with curls. We have it in the shop. You want it. Come get it. Trust us.

7. Make sure you’re using a curling iron with the proper sized barrel. If it’s too large, curls will be too loose. If it’s too small, you’ll be rocking the Shirley Temple look.

8. Start from the bottom and work to the top of your head, clipping aside the sections you’re not working with. This will make it much easier to get every piece of hair.

9. Finish with a strong hair spray to hold curl like Bedhead Hardhead or Redken Control Addict.

And there you have it! 9 tips to curly locks. But there’s also the option of calling 368-7402 and having us handle it for you 😉

Have you been noticing more hair on the floor/in the sink/in your brush lately? Worried you’re going to lose all your hair and suddenly go bald?

Well, before you start freaking out, here are some facts you should know, about hair loss.

  • Everyone sheds between 40 and 150 strands of hair per day. (So, you’re probably totally normal.)
  • If you’ve been crash dieting, you might experience temporary hair loss. (So, eat something.)
  • 40% of women experience female pattern hair loss by the time they go through menopause.
  • Half of men experience male pattern hair loss by the age of 50.
  • If you’re taking medication, that may explain why you’re losing your hair. (Many drugs cause hair loss.)
  • To be considered balding, you’d have to lose half your hair.
  • An imbalanced thyroid can cause your hair to fall out.
  • Iron deficiencies can cause hair loss.
  • African hair grows slowly and is more fragile than European hair.
  • It is normal to lose quite a bit of hair after giving birth.
  • Asians are less prone to balding than Africans and Europeans.
  • Know when hair grows fastest? During the summer, while you’re sleeping (another reason why new moms lose hair? lost sleep?), and between the ages of 16 to 24.
  • There is one permanent solution for hair loss: hair transplants.

If you have some concerns about hair loss, book an appointment to come in and see Julie. She will be able to help you with a style that will suit you best.